Small Business Servers- Enjoy Compatibility, Scalability and data security

A small Business Server helps automate the job of connecting client PCs to an SBS network by configuring network and setting up components. It is also deploying software applications for a specific workstation to your client. A small Business Server offers small scale business owners with the features such as compatibility, scalability, data security as well as remote access.

windows small business server

And also Small Business Servers provide PC backup technologies with increased security and protection. Small Business Servers also integrate with Microsoft Office to simplify setup, enhancements to Remote Web Workplace, management of professional Web sites, private online work spaces. This is also support for the latest Windows Mobile devices and integrated with Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.

Windows Small Business Server:

Windows Small Business Server requires access for no more than 75 users; it is a fully integrated server that handles all the network infrastructure of a small organization. Microsoft SBS is a big advantage for small business owners due to its small business office environment. There are two most popular editions of Windows Small Business Server (SBS):

1) Standard

2) Essentials

The Premium add-on of a Small Business Server also use as an additional member server that support SQL based line of business.

Necessity of Server for small business: 

Today’s technological business environment, small businesses are doing more in less. Small companies are using latest technologies to leverage the business. They are using 64- bit processors, dual-core and 64-bit operating systems.  Thousands of small companies totally depend on small business server and sometime these small companies suffer data losses and productivity losses due to catastrophic circumstances like failing computer hardware and the lack of small business server backup. Small businesses may literally end up or have to start from the bottom up by costing thousands of dollars.

About TCS-Computers

Numerous online companies offer backup services for small business server. This service will allow you to save your server information remotely and access the data at any time when you need however, TCS-computer is the best SBS providers in Belgium with a great team of Small Business Server experts working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure your business can get things done without having to worry about IT operations.

They are always ready to make sure things run smoothly and securely, but also to help you get the most out of Small Business Server.

If you have any questions about SBS, you can call the team at 24/7 at +32.3.772.22.36.